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People are in the misconception that flies are harmless. However, this is not true. Although most flies can not bite you or sting you. But this does not mean that they are not harmful. Flies can transmit deadly diseases and plenty of germs, bacterias. Therefore, getting rid of them should not be taken lightly. So, make sure that you are protecting people around you by eliminating all the flies from your house with the help of Pest Control Bondi.

Our company is a top-notch flies control company. Moreover, we have the best team of flies control Bondi to eliminate all the flies from your property. Whether your concern is whitefly, fruit fly, house fly, or any other kind of fly, you can contact us directly. So, make sure that you are doing the right thing before it is very late. 

Problems That Concerns Flies

  • Flies can be extremely irritating. They hover around you making that buzzing noise that can frustrate you after a while. 
  • Also, they can affect your health with the pathogens that they carry to contaminate your food. 
  • There are some fly species that can bite you. For instance, black flies, sand flies, horse flies, deer flies, stable flies, etc. 
  • They contaminate the food they sit on by excreting on it. 
  • Having flies in a home is an indication that the environment around you is dirty and unsanitary. This further ruptures your reputation when it comes to healthcare. 
  • Having a fly infestation in commercial establishments can cause a lot of trouble. They can affect the operation by not snatching the concentration of the employees or workers. 

Different Types Of Flies

  • House Fly: Everybody is well-aware of a housefly. They are the most common type of fly. They can be seen in almost every household. People do not take them as a big concern but they are capable of carrying diseases. They are attracted to all types of food items. 
  • Cluster Fly: These flies travel in clusters. They usually hibernate. However, in winters, they can be seen in clusters roaming around your house windows. 
  • Bluebottle Fly: These flies can be seen buzzing and hovering around the garbage area. They are attracted to dead animals and feces. That’s why they are known to carry many diseases. 
  • Fruit Fly: These flies are known to infest fruits. They are brown in colour and around 3 mm long. 
  • Drain Fly: As the name suggests. These flies are found in drains. Their winds are full of hair.
  • Horse Fly: Horseflies have dark spots on their wings. They are grey in colour. Moreover, their eyes are very big. They are most prone to infest a damp area.
  • Sand Fly: You can spot these flies from May to September. You can find them in sandbanks near rivers. 

Fly Eliminating Services That We Offer

✔ Emergency Flies Control Service

The spraying for flies we use is eco-friendly. Apart from that, we are ready to serve you in cases of emergencies. If you mistakenly disrupt a fly infestation, they all start roaming around the property. For situations like these, we offer emergency fly control services. 

✔ Restaurant Flies Control

Having flies in your restaurant is a big turn-off for your customers. Moreover, a fly infestation is a big sign that the place is very unhygienic. If you want your restaurant reviews to always be great. Then you need to make sure that you are serving the customers following all the hygiene protocols. Call us for restaurant fly control. 

✔ Flies Inspection And Removal

By contacting us you can get buffalo fly treatment, whiteflies treatment, fruit flies treatment, etc. We can undertake complete elimination treatment of all kinds of flies. Moreover, Our fly exterminators have the experience to handle all sorts of fly infestations. Get an early flies inspection service to avoid any future issues. 

✔ Domestic Flies Control

Recently, we have been getting many bookings for house fly control services because the summer is here. If your home has also been experiencing a lot of fly visitations. Then there is a good chance of a fly infestation. So, book us today to get your home inspected. 

✔ Pre-purchase Flies Inspection

You can depend on our company for a thorough pre-purchase flies inspection service. Because of the increasing amount of infestation situations around Bondi. People are getting more concerned and vigilant about infections. Therefore, we offer affordable pre-purchase fly inspection services.  

✔ Same Day Flies Control 

Need fly treatment service on this very day? Well, who is stopping you then? Call us now. Because we are a company that makes sure to consider the concerns of all our clients. That is why we offer same-day fly control service options to our clients. So, if you want to have a property free from flies today then so be it. Call us. 

Why Should You Choose Our Fly Extermination Services? 

  • Our services are cost-effective. We do not hide any charges from you. Our services are upfront. 
  • The quality of services we serve to our clients is top-notch. Moreover, we can not bear to disappoint our clients in any way. 
  • You have the liberty to hire our exterminators according to you. Also, there is no time boundations. We are down to assist you 24*7.
  • Also, our team includes professionals who are certified, licensed, and educated. You will have no complaints from them. 

The Different Places You Can Enjoy Our Services In

Our fly control services are accessible for the people who live in Bondi and for people who live near Bondi. So, Yes, all the people living in suburbs near Bondi can reap the benefits of our services including Waverley, Bronte, etc. 


  1. What Are The Diseases That Are Fly-Borne? 

Diseases like Cholera, Dysentery, Tuberculosis can be spread by flies. 

  1. Can I Hire You In Tamarama? 

Yes, you can hire is anywhere near Bondi. 

  1. Are You Available For Fly Inspection On Saturdays? 

Yes, we are available for services throughout the year.