5 Moth Facts You Need To Know

Moths come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are flying insects. Moths came in brown, gray, white, and black colors with different patterns and designs on their wings. When the moth rests they keep their wings in a flat position. 

It has been found that many animals are known to feed on moths and butterflies but especially nocturnal predators feast on moths. Other animals which are active at night such as owls, bats, flying mammals, and lizards eat moths. In certain countries, grizzly bears eat them too and some people also consider their option for their meal. You can hire Pest Treatment Coast if you want to control them. The average life period of the moth is 8 months but it also depends upon their survival strategy.

moth removal
moth removal

Here are the facts about moth you need to know:

  • Moths can smell without a nose

Moths can smell without their nose and they have an incredible sense of smell. The male moth uses his antennae to smell the female moth as far as 7 kilometers. They smell the female moth’s sex hormone. To determine the reproductive fitness of male moths, female moths use the scent of male pheromones.

  • Some moths don’t have mouths

In the adult stage many moth species don’t eat. When the moth transforms into an adult lays eggs, dies, and doesn’t eat during that time. Without a mouth, some moths emerge from the coco. 

  • Moth outnumber butterflies

Moth control is really important because as compared to butterflies the moth species are nine times more. Compared with the 17500 species of butterflies, there are almost 16000 species of moths in the world. 

  • Some moths don’t even look like a moth

To avoid danger moths are known to mimic and impersonate other animals. Sometimes moths transfer themselves to tarantulas or wasps. They even turn themselves into espionage when they want to hide.

  • Moth loves beer

You can easily see the moth by standing near an outdoor light after dark. Moths also hang up near the light and a white sheet next to the light is a good place to spot moths. However, if you want to control the moths at night then mix a paste of beer, ripe banana, and brown sugar and paint it onto the bark of a tree. 


For pollination, the night-blooming flowers usually depend on moths but artificial light reduces the plant’s ability to reproduce and draw moths away from the flowers. So, you can put a cloth on a lamp and use a colored light bulb. Some moth species are active during the daylight hours and are commonly mistaken for butterflies. As we know that moths won’t cause harm to humans so in several countries people eat moths as a snack or a meal. If you want to control the moth species at your home then hire the best pest control. Our professionals use the proper tools to control moth problems so you can trust the professionals.