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Welcome to Pest Control Bondi, we are a well-embedded bird control service providing company. If affordable, effective, innovative bird control treatments are what you are looking for. Then you are at the right landing page. We have been protecting Bondi’s properties from bird infestations for years now. With our years of extensive expertise in this field, we can assure to make you the happiest clients.

For people living in Bondi, we are the go-to bird proofing service providers. Moreover, we use strong and long-standing nets to keep birds away from your property. Whether your commercial property is having bird problems or birds are not letting you sleep peacefully at your home. We can help you out. Feel free to contact us for all bird pest control services. 

The Bird Control Services We Help You With

✔ Domestic Bird Control

Birds can create havoc around your property. All the destruction they do can cost you a lot of money. Moreover, it’s not only about the destruction, they can be very noisy. If birds have been snatching your peace of mind lately, call us. We will make sure there are no birds for you to complain about.

✔ Same Day Bird Control 

You have not been getting enough sleep because of all the bird noise? Well, have the best sleep without any disturbance. Ring us up for same-day bird removal services. We can also help you out if birds have been nesting on your property. Our experts deliver premium-quality bird nest removal services. 

✔ Restaurant Bird Control

Not only birds are well-known for creating a mess but the mess they create can harm your health. It is true having birds around can be very unhygienic. If your restaurant has been suffering because of bird infestation then ping us. We are the best in bird proofing. Make sure your customers are not prone to health issues in your restaurant.

✔ Bird Inspection And Removal

Our top-quality bird deterrents and pigeon deterrents can assure their complete elimination. They will be completely extinct from your property. But before that, you will have to get a bird inspection service. Without a thorough inspection, bird control is not a success. So, connect with us now for bird removal and inspection.

✔ Pre-purchase Bird Inspection

Properties in Bondi are full of birds. Therefore, it is necessary to take all sorts of precautions. This is why Pest Control Bondi also has pre-purchase bird inspection services for clients. Before you spend money on buying a property. So, make sure that it is available without any bird issues.

✔ Emergency Bird Control Service

You can rely on our company for bird barries, bird proofing roofs, pigeon proofing, bird barriers, etc. We will always make sure that you get the best quality and flawless professional assistance. Moreover, to help you out as early as possible. We offer emergency bird control services. So, phone us today!

Advantages Of Bird Netting 

  • Bird netting is a permanent solution to all your bird issues.
  • Moreover, our bird nets are transparent. So, you will barely be able to see them.
  • Apart from that, nettings are strong. They are a long-term solution. Most of them come with a guarantee.
  • Bird netting can be used to keep all kinds of birds away.
  • Netting does not need regular maintenance. Also, it is just a one-time job.
  • They do not expose you to any harsh chemicals. Moreover, it is completely an eco-freindly measure to prevent indoor bird invasion.
  • In addition to that, bird nets are flame and heat-resistant. So, no matter how hot the weather gets. They will do their job without any problems.

Harmful Health Issues That Bird Infestation Can Cause

There are over 60 health issues that a bird infection can cause. Not only birds but bird droppings can also carry all sorts of diseases. Moreover, all the diseases that birds pose are airborne. So, just living around bird infestation and bird droppings can make you sick in the long run. Birds can transfer the following diseases to humans.

  • Histoplasmosis
  • Cryptococcosis
  • Candidiasis
  • St. Louis Encephalitis
  • Salmonellosis
  • E.coli.

Apart from that birds are also associated with around 50 different ectoparasites. These parasites can not only bite humans but also infest them. Bed bugs, yellow mealworms, chicken mites, West Nile virus, are some examples of ectoparasites that birds pose.

Why Should You Choose Us For Bird Removal? 

  • Satisfaction: We are well-recognized in the industry. Because we have been serving the city for years. Also, you can get honest feedback from any of our clients about our services.
  • Multiple Management Options: We provide multiple bird management options. You can choose the one that suits you best.
  • Trusted Experts: Our experts are professional, licensed, and insured. Therefore, you can trust them with the process.
  • Free Quotation: You can contact us to get a free quote. Moreover, there are no obligations to enjoy our free quotation policy.

The Areas Around Bondi We Reach

Our services are reachable for the people living around Bondi. All the suburbs near Bondi can enjoy our services. So, feel free to contact us if you live in Waverly, Bronte, Bondi Beach, etc


  1. Are Your Services Eco-Friendly?

Yes, all our bird control services are eco-friendly.

  1. Are Your Experts Available On Sundays?

Yes, you can enjoy our services 24*7.

  1. Can I Book You In Bellevue Hill? 

Yes, you can book us in all the suburbs near Bondi.