How do you know if you have a possum problem?

Possum infestation in the garage, roof, attic or any business is not difficult to detect. If a possum is troubling you and steals your night sleep, do not catch or kill them. It is because possums are protected by law, and doing so is illegal. So, instead, you need to hire professionals like Pest Control Bondi to safely remove them from the building. But how do you identify the infestation? We are here to tell; continue reading.

How do you detect possum infestation?

If you have a possum living inside a building or business, here you can confirm as Pest Control Bondi professionals provide you a simple guidance:

Unusual noises:

Ever noticed unusual noise from the chimney, attic, crawl spaces? The chances possum is living as they make scratching noise while nesting. The squeaking sounds of baby possum or scampering the tiny feet you can often hear in silence.

Strange odor:

Another way to tell you to have possum infestation is the musky odor from its feces and urine. The droppings soak into the building material, causing a strange smell. Also, they release odor while fighting or when they die somewhere on the property.

Disappearing food:

Possum needs food to survive, and what can be better than pet food? Pet food, especially cat food, is also favorite for possum and always search for leftovers that you put on garbage. If you notice food disappearing faster from home, it is time to take pest inspection service.

Damage in surroundings:

One way to confirm the possum’s presence is any damage, such as ripped soffit, chewed plants or scratches in the interior or exterior. Possums are climbers and love to hide in trees, attics, roofs. So, if you notice any fur, footprint, scratching marks, they are hiding somewhere.


Why do you need professional help?

If you find possum, consider calling the professionals instead of removing from yourself because:

  • Possum creates a messy environment by leaving droppings here and there.
  • When they are hungry, they eat fruits, vegetables, flowers from the buildings.
  • They carry diseases like toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis, relapsing fever, leptospirosis, etc.
  • Their infestation may scare you or create a horrible environment.
  • They are protected, and you do not want to pay heavy fines.

Consider pest control for possum problem:

If you are dealing with the possum infestation, do not delay calling the professionals. Pest controllers in Bondi can help detect, remove, and return possums to their natural habitat. Additionally, they help in sealing the entry points and keep home possum-proof.