House Cleaning Tips To Prevent Pest Infestation.

Home cleaning provides an opportunity to look for hidden or lost things you were searching for from past days. However, while cleaning, you may also come across some unexpected invisible home enemies. Yes, I am talking about pests like cockroaches, mites, rodents, silverfish, etc. Pest control Bondi insists on a thorough home inspection to exterminate them while performing the cleaning. Here we will discuss some cleaning tips to prevent pest infestation.

What Should You Look While Cleaning Home?

Cleaning home when you come to know pests are also sharing the house is not so easy. However, some warning signs you should look at while cleaning home:

Damaged Paper, Food Packets, Or Storage Materials:

There are chances that you might not have noticed these materials for long. But once you identify such evidence, you must assure that pest already invade your home.

You should contact a pest control company, as there are high chances that rats, silverfish or termites are already in your home.


It would be best if you closely inspect unused areas and places where light rarely reaches. This is because cockroaches and rats are clever in hiding, and you will find their droppings there.

Call a professional pest control Bondi company for rodent control once you confirm the droppings.

Muddy Structure On Wooden Part:

Termites, wood borers love wooden structures like furniture or door and windows. So, if you find mud tubes or sawdust, there are chances ants, and other pests invade your home.

But, before they do severe damage, you should consider hiring a professional pest control service.

Bloodstains And Body Parts:

While cleaning, if you find unusual bloodstains, skins, and wings, there are high chances of cockroaches, bedbugs or other pests.

How To Prevent Pest Infestation While Cleaning?

Seal Entry Points: pests can enter through doors, windows, cracks or even tiny holes. Therefore, install insect screens to prevent their entries.

Check If You Have Standing Water:

Clogged drains, leaky pipes, standing water provide the moisture source, and pests thrive rapidly there. So, pay attention if you have any such issue immediately.

Focus On Outdoor Too:

Bushes, tree branches touching the home surface provide ease to pest movement in the home. Timely trimming of bushes and tree branches is necessary if you want to stay away from the pesky pests. Also, make sure your maintaining your outdoor well because your health and hygiene is also related to it.


While removing unwanted cartons, old boxes newspapers help in reducing pest homes. But taking professional pest control service along with cleaning will also help in keeping pest infestation at bay. Professional help you to address any pest issue effectively, not for today but every day.